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The Simplicty of a Sunrise and Sunset

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think about what your dog would say to you if he knew how much you hated yourself

this just changed my life

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Acrylic on sculpted vinyl Mega Munny figure.
Sculptural elements created with Magic-Sculpt epoxy clay.
Dimensions variable, 13″ x 14″ x 24″  (2014)
Contact da Gallery for purchase inquiries.

Part of the World’s Greatest “One of One” Custom Toy Show tonight at da Center for the Arts in Pomona, CA. See you there!

Full details in the blog.

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This is one of the strangest and most mysterious books on the shelves of the Archie McPhee Library. Haunted Air [Buy on Amazon], by British musician and artist Ossian Brown, is a fascinating collection of anonymous Halloween photographs taken between circa 1875 and 1955. They’re all from Brown’s personal collection and are presented without any context. In fact the only text in the entire book is the all too perfect foreword written by the inimitable David Lynch.

"The photographs in Haunted Air provide an extraordinary glimpse into the traditions of this macabre festival from ages past, and form an important document of photographic history. These are the pictures of the dead: family portraits, mementos of the treasured, now unrecognizable, and others.”

Each page contains a single bewitching photograph - a simple layout that makes the photos even creepier and more captivating. Without any background information, these haunting pieces of Americana have only each other for company. That is, until you start looking at them, wondering about them, making up stories for them. On the pages of this book, every day truly is Halloween.

[Photos from Haunted Air via NPR]

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Li River, Guangxi Zhuang, China

beautiful… dream of visiting Asia one day

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the sky was so beautiful 

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Jonathan Smith - Trees in Fog, 2009

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this place has such a weird fucking atmosphere

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